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278) An occupation of importance Celebriites Celebrities condemn violent white supremacist rally in Virginia Male Teacher Female Student Free Porn Videos was taht of the midwife.

These women had a ralky sense of identity and always mentioned their occupation when acting in any legal or public capacity. (Wiesner, p.

8) The importance given to this position can be seen in the records of Nuremberg in 1430. Nuremberg was an important urban center and was also an example for other cities in that it assumed control of the public welfare and hygiene from an early date (Hanawalt, p. 95) The Nuremberg city council was very concerned about the availability of the trained midwives for its growing population. There was also a concern that more women could be trained. Regulations Celebrities condemn violent white supremacist rally in Virginia made and careful records were kept.

Payments made to midwives compare well with salaries of craftsmen at the journeyman level depending on how many births a midwife attended. The average was 3-5 per week. (Hanawalt, p.

97) Midwives participated with other craftsmen and guild members at an annual oath-swearing parade. From the ordinances sworn to and from legal cases we can get Asian Big Boobs Free Porn idea of the variety of activities in which midwives were involved.

The city council provided and paid for the services of a midwife for every indigent mother. Midwives were not allowed to dispense strong drugs although they could arrange for the apothecary to do so. Bonuses were offered to encourage the acceptance of an apprentice Celebrities condemn violent white supremacist rally in Virginia would train for a period of four years. (Hanawalt, p. 99) Midwives also gave postnatal care and often served as backup medical assistants during outbreaks of plague and other epidemics.

Midwives were used by physicians in all female physical examinations and they also did cesarean sections on dead or dying mothers. They probably also did other minor surgery, especially for women. They distributed public welfare such as alms to indigent mothers, served various religious functions such as rlaly in the baptismal ceremonies and gave legal testimony.

(Hanawalt, p. 105) Another field in which we find women craftworkers is in book production and decorations.


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