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Every year a group of thirty pupils visits Herford County for convalescing from living in a contaminted area. The pupils are between 9 and 13 years old.

Furthermore the charity collects money to buy some medicine (vitamins) Frree all pupils at the school no 1 and to buy some medical gadgets for the hospital in Mosyr. Contact address is: Kinder aus Tschernobyl in Herford e.


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70) All manner of general work was performed. There is a record of a Queen Radegund at Ste. Croix in Poitiers who took out garbage, carried water and firewood, stoked the fire, swept, cooked, cleaned, and washed dishes.


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Terry Scott Taylor: Lead and Background Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Reprise and Incidental Arrangements.

Greg Flesch: Nylon String Guitar on "Picture of You" and "Waiting (Reprise)", Electric Guitar on "Gospel Medley" and "Here He Comes, Second Time" Tim Chandler: Bass Guitar on "The Medley", Electric Guitar on "Here He Comes, Second Time" Terl Bryant: Drums on "Ever After", Percussion on "Dancing On Light", "Here He Comes, Second Time", "One More Time", and "Gospel Medley", Shopkeeper.

"Waiting": The "Wall" of Vocals heard here is NOT a synthesizer, but actual voices (Rob and Terry's) "Song of Innocence": Terry sings the first verse, Randy the second, they join on the third verse and last chorus. Rob, Terry, Jerry, and Bob Bennett sing background.


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