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I was so scared and it was so funny because when we first saw each other after not seeing each other for a Naked Women 30 Year Old Naked Women of months, we saw each other at a party before, and then we saw each other again we were flabbergasted there was nothing to say. So the sexual tension was real. Everything in that respect was real. When we finally did touch each other and kiss each other it was like being with a lover.

It wasn't like being with a girl on set. I really can close my eyes and still Olv her and taste her and I can still see the sweat on 300 back in the lights. It's just everything. I mean everything. There is not one director out there that when the scene is over and when you've had what Justine and I had and Woodman Casting Orgasm everything was said and done, Kathryn slowly and quietly turned off all the lights and made everyone clear the room.

It was the most intense sex I've ever had with anyone and it rivals almost the best sex I've had in my personnel life ever. They just left us there to hold Od other and kiss and touch and we did. We laid there for well over a half hour and you know we weren't quite asleep but we were you know in that daze. That little bit of bliss that happens after sex. There's no describing it unless you've experienced it. You can't describe it to another human being. It's the euphoria that only comes with great sex and you know we had that and we were able to share that with each other.

She matches my sexual energy. The thing that was the funniest is that after that scene was done, the endorphins from Naked Women 30 Year Old Naked Women else around us was wild.

Everybody was all of a sudden touching everybody else. Its like pheromones were hanging in the air and you know there is that thing.


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