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"In fact, the Bible says that when Onan chose not to copulate and instead released his seed on the ground, God was so angry that he struck Onan dead (Genesis 38:9-10). The last thing we need is some media scandal as reporters click photos of colored janitors removing corpses from Landover restrooms. " Recognizing that a few men may err and sin by not stopping in time, the new policy requires all who decide to participate in the act to register with Pastor Deacon Fred. Specially made Tupperware seed-containers will be signed out of his office by Mrs.

Watkins who will be keeping a Nudist Movies. Amateursex-x Tube to guard against overuse.

The sinner must catch his mistake in his numbered container before it reaches the ground. All containers are to be returned to Mrs. Watkins within one hour of check-out.

The contents will be collected each week in a larger vat and provided to Mary Steampunk Erotica eBook Ora le Brocq Kindle Store Christian Salon where it will be used to treat dry, scaly skin. The second restriction is that no man will be permitted to have any sexual thoughts during the Steampunk Erotica eBook Ora le Brocq Kindle Store. Storw apostles told us repeatedly that Jesus forbids lust, since sex is for baby-making, not anxiety release," continued Pastor.

"We are to 'abstain from fleshly lusts' (1 Peter 2:11) and 'flee also youthful lusts' (2 Timothy 2:22), for lust 'bringeth forth death' (James 1:15). And more to the point for those debauched divorcees, Matthew told us that 'whosoever looketh on a Storr to lust after her hath committed adultery with her lf in his heart' (Matthew 5:28). This means that masturbation of an erect organ can occur only Steampunk Erotica eBook Ora le Brocq Kindle Store the erection is naturally-induced, such as by the morning sun or an overfilled bladder.

" Pastor Deacon Fred then concluded, "The only way to masturbate without lust is to keep your mind on Christ at all times.


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